Is your organization in your Call for Proposal process and could use a solid foundation before you issue it?

Are you planning to build your website or have a developer do it for you but don't know where to start and would like some guidance?

A significant part of a web development project is getting ideas out of your head and into an actionable roadmap. Doing this is crucial: it saves time and money in the long run and has an overarching view to measure against and keeps tasks organized into achievable actions. The actionable roadmap allows you to prioritize steps and budget the work.

Time and cost sinks of developing a website are not necessarily in the development itself but all of the forethought that goes into it. The secret to a good website is less about development and more about sorting out what you're trying to convey, who your audience is, what experience you wish them to have, and what actions you want them to take. 

We help you create a clear vision of what you would like your site to look like, how it functions, combined with experienced counsel, and a feeling of empowerment to participate in your website's developmental process.

We deliver proposals that offer prospective clients a clear roadmap to website success. As a member-owned cooperative web development agency, part of our mission is to build cohesive relationships and an ongoing sense of partnership with our clients.

These are the reasons Polycot has developed our Website Development Strategic Road Map.

How it works

Whether an existing website needs a refresh or upgrades or developing a new website, you will complete our intake form to get a free one-hour consultation with us. From this initial consultation, based on the size and complexity of the site, we will suggest a fixed cost for the development of your Strategic Road Map, based on tiered pricing; small, medium, or large. This pricing ranges from $599 to $2999.

Following your intake, we will develop a Strategic Road Map for you to utilize as a touchstone for current upgrades or site development of the project and as an overview and guide for future site scaling and development, whether by our team, another agency or if you create your site.

The beauty in choosing to have Polycot Associates do the work developed in the Strategic Road Map is the cost applies towards the total amount for the job. 

Alternatively, if you choose to go with another developer or do it yourself, you'll be knowledgeable, prepared, and ready to be engaged with the development process!

What Your Investment Will Bring You

  • A full audit with recommendations for an existing site or suggestions on best practices and a suggested platform (i.e., WordPress, Drupal, Wix, etc.) for developing a new website.
  • A clear and concise roadmap in lay terms, without all the "tech babble."
  • A strategic overview (the big vision to measure development against).
  • Theoretical timelines.
  • An action plan.
  • An idea of costs for each phase of the process.