Polycot Associates is a mission-driven, member-owned business offering web consulting and managed web design and development services. We endeavor to support other mission driven organizations including non-profits, co-ops, green and sustainable organizations, social good businesses, and B-corporations.

Our mission and values are set forth in the following statements:

  1. We improve the world through inspiring and useful web technology, humane worker-owned business structure, and collaborative, responsive, transparent process.
  2. We engage with open source platforms to build inspiring and useful communication tools.
  3. We love to be inspired by the work we do for our clients, as well as the work done by our clients.
  4. We believe every human is an eco-system of equal value and worth, and that, working together, teams are greater than the sum of their parts.

Who We Work With

Does your web project align with our values as a member-owned business?

Polycot Associates aims to offer our services in support of other mission driven organizations including non-profits, co-ops, green and sustainable organizations, social good businesses, and B-corporations. Past clients include those working in economic and social justice, health, compassion, and other progressive issues.

About Our Team

We are web developers, strategic consultants, and more. Jon Lebkowsky co-founded Polycot Consulting with partners in 2001, which spun off Polycot Associates as a sole proprietorship in 2007. The current Poly-Coterie (team of people with shared interests who work for Polycot) coalesced in 2012 and converted the business into a democratically run partnership in early 2014.

We are Drupal and Wordpress web development experts, designers, and project managers. We create custom websites and implement web services integrations for our clients. Through collaborative problem solving, Polycot Associates delivers custom websites that are functional and attractive. We also build web applications using platforms like Ruby on Rails and Drupal.

Our team of partners is charged with web production projects, as well as maintenance, to ensure long-term viability and great customer relationships. Every member-owner is a powerful stakeholder in our success, which translates to a powerful stake in our client's success, too.

We are committed to collaboration at all points in the process. When you work with Polycot Associates, you are working with web professionals who care about your project at every moment.

Cooperative Member-Owners

Our member-owners are highly qualified, senior web professionals. We cultivate a team of people with an array of extracurricular interests and backgrounds, in support of our belief that different perspectives enable the best possible collaborative problem solving.

Antonio Hernandez / Developer

Antonio has been involved in IT solutions for the Telecommunications, Services, and Banking industries for 26 years, including sales, project management, and development. Building Drupal sites for customers since 2009, he has created sites for non-profits, e-commerce companies, e-learning concerns, and industrial conglomerates, among others.

Antonio enjoys learning almost anything, technology-related or otherwise. He loves books, movies, and helping whenever possible. His favorite activity is spending time with his lovely wife and daughter.

Benjamin Bradley / Chief Technical Officer

Benjamin has been a web application programmer since the mid-90's and has been an owner/member of worker cooperatives since 2007. His technical skills include *nix system administration, information systems architecture, and programming in several languages including PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Perl and Java.

Benjamin enjoys mentoring fellow team members, contributing to open-source, dabbling with hobbyist electronic projects on Raspberry Pi and Arduino, and creating and burning art with the Burning Man community.

Maggie Duval / Senior Developer

Maggie has spent 34 years as a technology, web, marketing, and creative business development consultant, with 27 of those years spent as a freelance micro-entrepreneur. Her "boutique" web studio, founded in 1995, served clients in the arts, tourism, wellness, and hospitality industries for much of that period. Additionally, she has created, curated, and produced events, workshops, and immersive, engaging, and iconoclastic conferences – bringing together business, tech, and "cultural creatives" in exciting and innovative ways to dialogue and work together.

Maggie is passionate about travel and tour guiding her friends around her beloved New Mexico. She is an avid and voracious reader and book collector, specifically antique tomes on history and metaphysics and the American West and Southwest. She's taught students from 6th grade to elders on many topics, from comics creation to writing to digital technology, event production, history, and philosophy.

Currently residing in Taos, New Mexico, she is mom to her 25-year-old artist daughter, a border collie named Jake T. Puppersnout, and three ridiculous cats. She is a talking head with Plutopia News Network (plutopia.io) in her spare time.

Preferred Contract Partners

Our preferred contractors are vetted and approved for their expertise and commitment to hard work and accountability. We lean into this trusted group for projects on an ad hoc basis, determined by the needs of the project.

Steve Bartolomeo / Art & Design

Steve has built websites for 18 years, and he has seen many transformations in the industry. Having both technical skills and Aesthetic/Design skills has let Steve simultaneously address several issues at once. His empathy to the non-technical client serves others well.

Steve has been oil painting and sculpting over 30 years. He is also interested in alternative gardening systems such as Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

Hunter Tripp / Administrative Assistant

Hunter is an Illustrator with an Associates in 2D Animation.

She's held a long-term passion for storytelling and analyzing how stories influence and guide us as a species. Currently, she works as an intern for Polycot Associates, doing research, data entry, and assisting with marketing and social media. Her philosophy on social media is a combination of authenticity and telling a narrative through social media posts to keep people engaged. The core of all her work is always – have fun, bring people together, and tell a story.