Why Choose WordPress?

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Why WordPress

WordPress makes up 43% of all sites on the internet, and over 500 new WordPress sites launch each day - so what makes WordPress so appealing?

It’s Fully Customizable

WordPress has to be one of the most accessible platforms for in-depth website building and is accessible for hobbyists and web developers alike. It’s customizable with over twenty thousand pre-made themes, each built with the ability to adjust to meet your preference and vision for your website.

WordPress is open-source, so it’s easy to develop new functionality and features and find infinite plugins to get your site to do what you want. The WordPress community is vast and friendly; if you’re having trouble or trying to develop/find a possible feature, plugin, or theme, odds are there are knowledgeable people ready and willing to help.

One popular plugin, WooCommerce, easily integrates with WordPress and allows you to build an online store into your site. It’s fantastic for new and small businesses to create a storefront quickly.

It’s Secure

The community continues to develop and improve WordPress with security in mind -- they constantly push updates to keep up with the quickly changing internet and possible cyberattacks.

It’s SEO Friendly

Search engines like Google also love WordPress sites due to their high-quality code and tend to rank WordPress-built sites higher than other sites. So, using WordPress is fantastic for SEO.

How We Can Help Build Your WordPress Site

Polycot Associates’ WordPress web developer experts know the platform inside and out and create thorough, high-quality custom code to make your vision real.

If you don’t have a complete vision for your website, Polycot can help refine or create a design to suit your needs and brand, utilizing our Strategic Roadmap process to help you think it through. Focusing concentrated and detailed thought on what the site is for and what you want it to achieve is half the battle and serves as the guide for a streamlined development process.

If you’ve had a site for a while, and it’s having the website equivalent of a party gone wrong, Polycot can also fix, optimize, and save bloated and broken sites and get them back in shape and looking their best.

Choose WordPress

We highly recommend WordPress as a platform; whether you would like to build your site or have professional web developers like Polycot Associates craft your custom site, there is no question why WordPress is so well-loved and used by many people.