Why Polycot?

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What is Polycot

Polycot Associates spun off from the open source web consulting and development firm Polycot Consulting  in 2007. Originally created to focus on web and social media consulting, the company has since become a full service web development firm. A decade ago the company transformed into a worker-owned and -managed cooperative.  With strong commitment to values and a team of seasoned web professionals, today’s Polycot Associates skillfully builds and maintains websites and web applications.

Our Mission and Values

At Polycot Associates, our work is rooted in a clear mission and a set of unwavering values. We aim to improve the world by harnessing the power of inspiring and useful web technology, implementing a humane worker-owned business structure, and embracing collaborative, responsive, and transparent processes.

We further reflect this commitment through our engagement with mature open source web platforms. We craft interactive communication tools that inspire and serve. We’re motivated not just by the work we do for clients, but also by our clients' accomplishments: we’re committed to your success. 

Polycot Associates strongly believes in the equal value and worth of every human, and we harness the synergy of teamwork to create results that surpass individual capabilities.

The Strength of Member-Owners

The Polycot Associates team consists of senior web development professionals with diverse and complementary skills and backgrounds. This diversity is central to our belief that different perspectives foster the most effective collaborative problem-solving. With a wealth of experience and a passion for continued learning, we are well-equipped to help any business or nonprofit organization thrive in the digital realm.

Collaborative Problem Solving

One key aspect that sets Polycot Associates apart is our process of collaborative problem solving, planning, and development. We prioritize essential business requirements over costly and low-value "nice-to-have" features, ensuring that your project focuses on what truly matters. 

In the process of development, we carefully and clearly define development tasks for efficient development, making ongoing adjustments as needed, and working to ensure development of core functionality while remaining flexible to accommodate emerging requirements. Throughout the development process, we strive to be transparent and communicate clearly with our clients the progress of their projects.

Services That Transform Your Web Presence

Polycot Associates offers a range of services designed to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations:

Strategic Web Consulting: Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to improve your online presence, Polycot Associates works closely with you to develop practical web solutions. We begin by understanding your pain points, discussing potential solutions, making recommendations, and delivering a comprehensive project requirements analysis.

Custom Website Design & Development: With a team of experienced experts, Polycot Associates offers custom website design, user-centered design, mobile and web-responsive design, and advanced development services. Our project managers carefully, thoughtfully, and efficiently oversee the development process.

Website Makeover: Websites sometimes need rescuing, and Polycot Associates is up to the task. We specialize in debugging errors, enhancing web security, accelerating page load times, improving website workflows, and implementing web optimization to increase traffic.

Website Design with Open Source Code: Polycot Associates embraces the open source nature of the web, working primarily with Drupal and WordPress, which are powerful, secure, and widely adopted customizable content management systems. 

Website Design with All-Inclusive Service Platforms: If you prefer customizable all-inclusive service platforms like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly, Polycot Associates can work with you to provide technical support and/or overhaul existing sites. If you’re on one of the hosted solutions but want to migrate to WordPress,  we can manage the migration process.

Website Optimization: To enhance your website's effectiveness, Polycot Associates develops web technologies that facilitate search and social media optimization.

Polycot Associates is a web development powerhouse with a clear mission, unwavering values, a highly skilled team, and a suite of services designed to elevate your web presence. We partner effectively with our clients, focusing on clear communication and transparent processes. We have the experience and skill to realize your web development plans.  Whether you're a non-profit, a business, or an individual seeking an exceptional web presence, Polycot Associates has the expertise, vision, and values to make it happen.