Polycot Associates seeks Freelance Web & Graphic Designer

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We are seeking an experienced contractor with a unique expressive style, philosophy, or design approach who is available for ongoing, consistent work on multiple projects. The ideal contractor shares and upholds cooperative values and has a serious interest in co-ownership of our cooperative partnership.

Who we are

Polycot Associates are a team of industry-veteran open source web-developers making custom websites and web apps for world-changers. We carefully manage our web development projects on behalf of our unique, mission driven clients and deliver them at the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Our cooperative ownership model offers our member-owners the personal flexibility of freelancing with the support of a highly-skilled team you might expect from other top agencies.

Polycot Associates’ services include: custom web development and design services, content strategy, conversion consulting, SEO and social media integration.We are currently growing our company to better meet the full-service marketing and design demands of our clients. 

We make the world a better, weirder, more interesting place by serving those working to improve it!

Required Skills

  • Practice a unique, yet business-appropriate design philosophy and be able to explain how you approach design.
  • Deliver and iterate on designs appropriate to creative clients as well as corporate clients.
  • Understand how the web is built.
  • Utilize grid systems and website layout/theming frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation).

Ideal Candidate

  • Self-organized, ability to meet deadlines, and identify/communicate blockers early.
  • Good communicator who respects and holds appropriate boundaries.
  • Ability to interact respectfully with team members and clients of various skill levels.
  • Human being with experience managing own and others’ emotions/expectations.
  • Responsive to email, available as needed for online chat & video-conference.
  • Preferably local to Austin, Texas, although all geographies will be considered.
  • Shares progressive values and is driven to make the world a better place.


  • Our optional weekly team huddle where we review available work is typically on Mondays from 1-2pm CT, via online video conference.
  • Availability of work depends on project scheduling.
  • Most team interactions occur virtually via video-conference. We get together IRL for monthly happy hours and various activities in Austin, TX.

Nice to Have

  • Basic familiarity with current versions of Drupal and Wordpress.
  • Familiarity with website layout and cascading style sheets.
  • Knowledge and awareness of web design history, trends and fashions.
  • Experience designing and evaluating UI/UX.

What we offer

  • Competitive hourly rate based on experience and qualifications.
  • Work on your own schedule as long as communication and deadlines are intact.
  • Provisional Member/Ownership track is available after 6 months of contracting and work on multiple projects.
  • Referral commission is 5% for any closed sales brought to Polycot.
  • We continuously strive to create an inclusive workplace.

How to Apply

Please send resume, cover letter and portfolio to: members@polycotassociates.com