Cooperative Partnerships First

Submitted by Benjamin Bradley on .

We frequently get inquiries from outsourcing companies boasting of hundreds of developers ready to work on our projects at a moment’s notice. This collaboration, they claim, would enable us to focus on our “core business vectors and streamline [our] development process.” When one such company continued with repeated contacts, even after my polite rejections, I felt forced to lay it all out for them. Here was my response:

Hello [name redacted],

Polycot Associates is a worker-owned cooperative, in which each of our employees has an equal voice and benefits from the profits of our organization. If your company has a similar structure, then we might be open to discussing a relationship. However, if you are simply looking to source business to farm out to your team of 350+ developers, then we are not interested. Best of luck in your cold calling and please do not contact me again.

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