2018 Tech Resolutions

Submitted by Jon Lebkowsky on .
Happy 2018! Hope you meet your goals!

If you're thinking about the many ways for your business to use technology to transform and grow, then this is the list for you. Here are some suggested Tech Resolutions for an incredible 2018 for your business or organization:

1. Beef Up Your Cybersecurity

Whether it means buying that plugin https://www.wordfence.com/ for your Wordpress website that protects you from hackers or upgrading existing software and systems, be sure to integrate cybersecurity into all of your other core business systems.

2. Audit Your Website

Once per year it is wise to run a thorough evaluation of your website and digital storefront. In this audit, you are looking for broken links, SEO improvements, user experience improvements, and general copy updates.

3. Organize Your Data

From your CRM platform to your IT systems, your organization is gathering data every single day. If you do not already have a regular system for managing this data, then it’s time to create it. You may want to consider a professional solution or partner with a high quality IT company.

4. Delete Your Digital Clutter

Clear your computer desktop, mobile phone, email inbox, and other devices of old and no-longer-needed files. This includes those screenshots you took for the web guy and old photos that are stored in multiple places. Purging useless files is a great way to start the new year.

5. Set Aside Some Device-Free Time

While all of your technology tools are great and helpful, too much time spent with your devices can damage your productivity and creativity. Encourage yourself and coworkers to set aside device-free time such as meetings.

Happy New Year!