Polycot Associates is a worker-owned open source web development and consulting cooperative led by Jon Lebkowsky, a seasoned web professional and Internet expert with two decades of experience managing web development projects.

We are experienced Drupal and Wordpress developers, designers, and project managers that have been living and breathing web for many years.

Our services include web strategy, discovery and requirements analysis, development, design, project management, and social media consulting.

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Jon Lebkowsky, CEO

Jon LebkowskyJon Lebkowsky is an experienced web consultant and developer, technology and social strategist.

An entrepreneur in the purest sense, Jon is an Internet pioneer who was at the ground floor of web development, building websites since web technology first appeared. He has worked on hundreds of web development projects ranging from multimillion-dollar enterprise web systems to smaller nonprofit and business sites built with Wordpress. Jon has been consulting on web development projects and web application infrastructure for two decades. 

Closer to home, Jon has played a strategic role in cultivating Austin as a center of online innovation. Jon was co-founder of the influential Internet company FringeWare, Inc. and publisher of the international publication FringeWare Review. He helped Whole Foods Market’s early ecommerce transition, and in 1998 became Whole Foods’ interactive community director. Jon created and managed the website for author Bruce Sterling's Viridian Design Movement, a movement focused on “bright green” environmentalist concepts or innovative design and technology that can more quickly and radically improve the environment. Jon was also involved in building the website for Worldchanging.com, and served as Worldchanging’s Technology Director. Jon is also an advisor to the SXSW Interactive conference.

Steve Bartolomeo, Chief Creative Officer

With over fifteen years of experience in web design and management, Steve has created hundreds of custom websites. After living on the east coast, west coast and the icy north, he now calls East Austin home. A degree in Chemistry, as well as decades of experience in the arts, enables Steve to infuse his work with an influence from both the left and the right brain. In addition to diverse technical and artistic influence, Steve’s experience and methodology provides our clients with personal service specific to their needs, tastes and preferences.  While working on a new generation of website design and service, Steve has also donated  his skills to several local and international nonprofits. Giving back to the community in the most meaningful way he is able to sleep peacefully at night.

Some of his skills include: Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Flash, HTML, CAA, Logo and theme design. Drupal, Wordpress integration CMS

He has a B.S. in Chemistry, minor math, minor Biology at the University of Connecticut

Benjamin Bradley, Chief Technology Officer

Benjamin has been developing software applications since 1994, with an emphasis on web-based development since 1999. With a Computer Science degree under his belt and several years of experience in the corporate world, Benjamin shifted to working for smaller, cooperatively-run businesses in 2007 and has never looked back. Benjamin's goals are to live intentionally, facilitate cooperation and collaboration, support the move towards global sustainability, and participate in the re-growth of community.

His technical skills include Unix & Linux system administration, file and data manipulations, code tracing/debugging and programming in HTML/CSS, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, PHP, Perl, shell script, Ruby on Rails, SQL/MySQL, and more.

Other skills include project architecture/design, expectation management and thorough communications, and attention to detail.

Robert Matney, Chief Operations Officer

Robert provides project management as well as social computing strategy and tactics for Polycot Associates.

Prior to joining Polycot, Robert was a web strategy consultant for domestic and middle-eastern firms. Robert has been the Director of Communications and Client Services for Amicus, Inc. and prior to that, Robert worked in the AppleCare division of Apple Computer Inc. slinging technical support, QA, and technical and process documentation. 

Robert also produces, directs, and acts for the stage. Robert has produced the annual New Russian Drama Festival featuring new plays and playwrights from Russia, and designs technology for productions featuring integration of network technology and transmedia content. Robert is a co-founder of Breaking String Theater, Director of Technology for Hidden Room Theatre, and a board trustee for Austin Shakespeare Festival.

Robert was a featured panelist/presenter at the 2011, 2012, and 2013 South By Southwest Interactive conference, and also the 2011 Fusebox Festival.